Video Service

Kate, we received the videos the other day and Lauren and I were so excited that we had to watch it right away. What a great job you, Derek and Tammi did! It came out great. You truly captured every moment of a fabulous trip.” Mike Krieg from the Harms family safari ~ 2011


We are very proud to announce our own Video Production Company, affiliated to Garry Kelly Safaris. Through Inman Productions, we are now offering a video service to all our clients, wherever they may hunt.

click to view videoAll of today’s strongest memories are captured on video – from world news to family events. Video is today’s scrapbook. However, we have all experienced the frustration of trying to enjoy a holiday as well as capturing it ourselves on tape! Correct? And how often have friends disappointed you with their attempts – jumpy images, no action shots, trophy horns half missing and always one member of the party out of frame…sound familiar?


Garry Kelly Safaris can now help you capture those exceptional experiences that will last forever and be shared with your friends and family all the way down to your grandchildren! Each and every one of them delighting in the experiences you had on safari.


Inman Productions has specialised in the filming and editing of hunting safaris since 1997 and has travelled extensively throughout Africa, successfully following hunters going after their quarry.


Once behind the lens, Kate Kelly is now at the forefront, training, guiding and setting up our clients with videographers who will ultimately be capturing the safari memories and experience forever.


Join us to see some of those exhilarating, unforgettable but indescribable moments – best depicted as real life footage.


Please contact us for a quote on filming your safari with Garry Kelly Safaris.

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