Andy Wueste, San Antonio, USA

“Trip of a lifetime! Kelly Family hospitality was the very best”


Harry Shaw, Wilmington, NC, USA

“Excellent trip and patience dealing with four boys. Thanks to both Cullen & Sean for a super job”


Alan Joyet, France

“Great hunt with very nice family. Merci beaucoup et a bientot”


Richard Hennessy, Paris, France

“ I felt like I was part of the family. An old Irish family….. That means everything”


George Harms, NJ, USA

“ Great time with Garry Kelly Safaris thank you”


Lane & Kate Britain, Dallas, TX, USA

“What a wonderful trip! Had so much fun with Sean and Marita look forward to next year”


Wally & Betsy Baker San Antonio, TX, USA

“Trip of a lifetime! Each day was better than the last. Can’t wait to come back”


Jeff Smithers, San Antonio, TX, USA

“ Great family and a great hunt”


Mark Young, Cody, WY, USA

“ Garry is the best PH I have personally ever hunted with”


David Katz, Glen Cove, NY, USA

“ Great way to finish my BIG 5. You’re the best”


Pam & Kevin Dikerson The Woodlands, TX, USA

“Thanks Cullen for keeping the hunt in hunting, your tenacity, patience & enthusiasm made for a wonderful trip”


Bob Carpenter Port Gibson, Miss, USA

“Wonderful place and people. Great safari”





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