Tanzania has the finest wildlife habitat in Africa and abounds in a wide variety of animal and bird life.


Many areas remain untouched by humanity and it is still quite possible to enjoy a traditional tented safari as the famous hunters of old times did many years ago.


In addition to the world famous Mt. Kilimanjaro, the country is noted for its spectacular game reserves, scenery and a wide variety of game animals found nowhere else in Africa.



Game and bird hunting is legal in Tanzania, and during the hunting season, which runs from July to March of each year, hunters from around the world arrive to embark on private guided expeditions into the African bush. Hunting safaris take visitors to some of the most remote parts of the country on a private basis, and guests often return with a variety of antelope and buffalo, Lion and Leopard. Hunting safaris last anywhere between a week to a full month, with guests and their guide setting up camp in a specific hunting block and exploring the entire area over a set period of time. Camps are well equipped with comforts like hot showers, flushing toilets, and walk-in furnished tents.


Sean is a Licensed PH in Tanzania and guides all our clients on safari. We work with a couple of different company’s but we will take you to the best areas we think best suite the type of safari you are looking for.


If you are in interested in Tanzania please do not hesitate on contacting us.


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