White Rhinoceros are found in grassland and savannah habitats. They are herbivorous grazers that eat grass, preferring the shortest grains.


They drink twice a day if water is available, but can live four or five days without water if conditions are dry. They spend about half of the day eating, one third resting, and the rest of the day doing various other things. White Rhinoceros love wallowing in mud holes to cool down.

Garry Kelly was one of the first professional hunters to guide a White Rhino hunt back in 1971, and has continued to do so for the past 41 years. Garry and his sons, Sean and Cullen, have a collective 60 years of experience behind them and it shows in their success. The White Rhino is often mistaken for a docile and not too clever creature that is easy to hunt. Given a fair chance, a White Rhino uses all its senses on high alert and is very clever in using the wind to its advantage, making it a very challenging hunt. We hunt White Rhino in the Mkuze Game Reserve Hunting area, where a limited quota is put out to tender every year. There are also other large privately owned properties that we can hunt rhino. Due to the size of these properties, it is a very challenging hunt. The method of hunting rhino is by tracking and makes for an interesting and exciting hunt.


 White Rhino Hunting


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