African Lion: Renowned for its majesty and nicknamed “the king of the jungle,” the lion possesses both beauty and strength.


Lions vary in colour but typically sport light yellow-brown coats. Mature male lions are unique among big cats due to the thick brown or black manes that encircle their necks. Lions consume a wide variety of prey, from wildebeest, impala, zebra, giraffe, buffalo and wild hogs to even rhinos and hippos. They will also feed on smaller animals such as hares, birds and reptiles. Lions are also known to attack elephants when food is scarce.

At  Garry Kelly Safaris, we have some great areas in which to hunt free-range lions in South Africa. The hunt is done in the traditional walk and stalk method, picking up tracks and following them. This is normally a 16 – 21 day safari. There are not many of these free-range permits available in South Africa. If you are interested in one of the free-range lion hunts, please let us know as soon as possible so we can apply for the necessary permits. Garry Kelly Safaris is totally opposed to any form of canned lion hunting.


Our Tanzanian lion hunts are done on a 21 day safari and you can view some photos of some of the outstanding lions that have been taken on our Tanzania page.


Free Range Lion Hunting

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