Lane and Kate Britain

This was Lane’s third safari with PH Sean Kelly and was yet again very successful. After having a great bird hunt on their first day they got down to business in the Limpopo Province taking a plethora of great game including a great Klipspringer and Mountain Reedbuck, both measuring very high in SCI. We then moved down to the Natal Midlands where we took a fantastic Vaal Rhebok, Common Reedbuck and a magnificent 16” Cape Bushbuck with huge mass. uMkhuze Game Reserve was a little more challenging chasing after the pigmy antelope. After allot of frustration chasing Suni and Red Duiker with no success we took a magnificent Nyala measuring a whopping 29 ½ “. Lane and Sean are now planning their next trip for 2010 and we look forward to having Lane and Kate on safari with us again.

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