The hunting heritage of our family goes back to the early 1800s, when my ancestors arrived in Port Alfred and began their trek to Johannesburg and then on to Swaziland. I believe it was during this time that hunting became more than just a sport for the Kelly’s – it became a way of life.

The beginning of a legacy

On arrival in Swaziland, my great grandfather Tom Kelly started the first private game reserve in Swaziland, called Panata Ranch. It was here that my grandfather Cullen Kelly started his hunting career. He hunted all over Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa, putting to use all he had learned from his father.

The birth of Garry Kelly Safaris

My father, Garreth Cullen Kelly, was born in 1952 and spent every spare minute as a youngster hunting off horseback. It was ingrained in him from a very young age to conserve nature, respect the bush and most importantly, respect the animals that he harvested. These are values that can be seen in my father in every aspect of his life, and that put him on the road to being a very prominent and respected hunter. 1970 saw the start of his professional hunting career, when he got a job with Norman Dean (where he had to work for his board and lodging!) In no time, with Norman Dean’s blessing, my father took the jump to starting his own business and that was the birth of GARRY KELLY SAFARIS.

A First Class Hunting Company

Based on his own property in Zululand, my father began to work on his lifelong dream of building a first class hunting company. For my brothers (Richard and Cullen) and I, this was our classroom for many years, learning the values of life that had been taught through hunting for so many generations of our family. Since then, our family has hunted concessions all over South Africa, Botswana and Tanzania which helped to keep continuity with our clients and expand the business.

The Next Generation

My brother Cullen and I are now partners in GARRY KELLY SAFARIS and are very excited to be another generation directly involved in hunting. When the time comes, we intend on keeping our father’s reputation for honesty, ethics and professionalism in every aspect of the business our foremost priority. In the meantime, my family and I would like to not only give you a wonderful hunting experience in Africa, but would like to invite you to be a part of our hunting heritage.

See you on Safari!

Sean Kelly

 Garry, Sean and Cullen Kelly