The African buffalo is one of the most successful grazers in Africa. It lives in swamps, floodplains, mopane grasslands and the forests of the major mountains of Africa.


Buffalo prefer habitats with dense cover such as reeds and thickets. Herds have also been found in open woodland and grassland. While not particularly demanding with regards to habitat, they require water daily and therefore depend on perennial sources of water.

As most hunters know, the Cape buffalo is one of Africa’s most sought-after animals. We are lucky to have some great areas to hunt buffalo in South Africa such as the Timbavati National Park, bordering the fenceless Kruger National Park, allowing all animals to travel freely between the two areas. A certain number of buffalo are put on tender every year and we bid according to our client’s wishes. The quality of the hunt and trophy is outstanding and well worth the higher price tag it attracts. Getting a Buffalo in this area of 43”- 44”,  is not uncommon. The Zululand Rhino Reserve also puts out a limited number of buffalo permits on tender every year, the trophy quality is really good and you can expect to get a trophy of around 40”. We also hunt Botswana and Tanzania (Sean is fully licensed in Tanzania) and there is a great abundance of really big buffalo.


Buffalo Hunting


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