Bill and Mary Britain

Bill and Mary came on their second trip with PH Sean Kelly, but their first trip to South Africa. Whilst Mary was on her photographic safari with Carmen Bann at uMkhuze Game Reserve, Bill and Sean got a great 28 ½“ Nyala. We then moved on to the Natal Midlands where Bill’s good fortune continued. Bill took a wonderful 16” Cape Bushbuck, a great 8” Vaal Rhebok and a 14 ½” Common Reedbuck.
We then moved on to the Limpopo Province where Bill’s luck continued, with a 54” Kudu, 29 ½” Waterbuck and a 7 ½” Mountain Reedbuck amongst other trophies.  Lane and Kate Britain met up with Bill and Mary towards the end of their trip, and they did some great bird shooting as a family. What a great trip , everyone had a great time and we look forward to having Bill and Mary again soon.

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