Newsletter – November 2011

Dear Friends

Our season has been an exceptional one with wonderful safaris in the Eastern Cape, Zululand, the Natal Midlands, Tanzania and Botswana. We are very proud of our hunting areas and once again they have provided outstanding trophies. Our management in particularly not overhunting our areas has proved to be instrumental in the quality of trophies that our clients are taking.


We have had one of our coldest winters ever with two very heavy snowfalls and approximately 15 minutes from Beverley, there was 3 feet of snow which was the heaviest snowfalls we have had in 50 years!

Well done to everyone that hunted with us this year and congratulations on your magnificent trophies taken! We really appreciate your support and look forward to having you and your friend s and family back on safari with us in the near future.


Mkhuze Reserve, our prime hunting area, has once again produced some phenomenal Nyala with seven being over 29” and three being over 30”. The reserve has a very comfortable, rustic tented camp and its location, within one of the oldest game reserves in the country, makes for a very special African experience – All our clients who have stayed there, rave about it!

This year we were very fortunate to have done some very memorable rhino hunts. All these hunts were done in the Mkhuze Reserve which is the only true free range rhino hunting area in Africa. A number of gold class rhino were taken.


The Zululand Rhino Reserve, one of our new concessions which produced some wonderful trophies, five kudu all over 50” with the largest being 57” plus a buffalo of 41”. We are hoping to be doing more buffalo hunting on this property in 2012 as the quality of buffalo and other species was truly outstanding and the camp that we utilize is of the quality that Garry Kelly Safaris is renowned for.

The Natal Midlands, two hours North West of Durban and where our headquarters are, produced some top trophies. One 17” bushbuck plus a number of bushbuck over 15”. The reedbuck this year were the best we have ever taken with the largest being 17.5” and a number over 14”. Three Waterbuck of over 30” were taken plus five Eland over 37”. This is just an example of some of the game taken but there were also outstanding Kudu, Blesbok, Hartebeest, Vaal Rhebuck and Tsessebe shot in area.


Garry Kelly Safaris also operates in both Tanzania and Botswana, Sean is fully licensed in Tanzania and has been for over 7 years. We only hunt with the best and most renowned companies in these countries.


Sean had a wonderful safari in Tanzania, with three groups of our long time clients. They took two 30” lesser Kudu amongst other fantastic Masaailand species. The group then went to Western Tanzania where they got two Sable over 40” and a fantastic “Last minute” Leopard.


Cullen and Sean have been in Botswana, with two families. They started in the Okavango Delta, the area was awesome and they had a wonderful hunt for Buffalo, eventually got a superb 42” Bull. Then moved to the Kalahari where the clients shot some fantastic plains game, the most notable, eight Kudu of which five of them being over 55”.


Sean also took a great 60 pound Elephant and a 40” Buffalo with a very good client and friend who was on his 5th trip with Sean and second trip in Botswana.

Garry has been on a Kalahari Leopard hunt and after seven very eventful days his client shot a magnificent Leopard, on a full charge, what an experience!


To any clients interested in hunting with us in South Africa or hunting in another country, we look forward to hearing from you and to telling you about our family run business, which was established in 1970. Our company offers safaris in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Tanzania and we have some of the very best areas in these countries. Hunting concessions are continually monitored for trophy quality and we will always ensure that you hunt on concessions which are producing great trophies at the time of your safari. As you are aware, hunting conditions change from month to month and year to year and we keep track of these changes all the time. Garry Kelly Safaris is known and respected as a company that offers great African safaris and we will tailor make a safari specifically to you needs. In addition we have no hidden costs and will always give you the full pricing of your prospective safari. You are welcome to visit our website: and join our Facebook Page: Garry Kelly Safaris.


We still have a couple of safaris before our season ends on the 30th of November and we look forward to hunting with these clients who are still due to come. To all the clients who hunted with us this year, we want to thank you again for your wonderful support and both Sean, Cullen and I and all the staff at Garry Kelly Safaris really appreciate your loyalty to us.


All of us at Garry Kelly Safaris, wish you a very happy, safe and successful deer hunting season. Please remember to visit our website and Facebook page for updated photos and information.


All the best

Garry, Sean and Cullen

Article written by Garry Kelly Safaris

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